The Name You Trust

Incorporated in 2006 with substantial investments in employees and support systems, Deluge Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd is capable of satisfying the most stringent requirements for our clients’ fire protection needs in the Oil & Gas and Offshore and Marine industries.

Deluge Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd has completed numerous prestigious projects, specializing in customized solutions for the design, supply, fabrication and installation of integrated fire protection systems.

Deluge Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd practices ISO 9001.  Although we are newly established, our experienced engineers have been working on countless projects of considerable scale and of similar nature for in excess of 15 years.  We are also familiar and capable to work with all standard regulatory requirements such as NFPA, SOLAS, ABS, DNV, IMO rules and BV for the onshore, offshore & marine industries.

We are committed to the safety of our clients by delivering quality fire protection solutions and yet adhering to the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

When you are talking about fire protection for offshore & marine industries and onshore plants, there is no better name than Deluge Offshore & Marine.

Specializing on Engineering, Procurement and Constuction (EPC) contracts on Fire Protection Systems, Deluge Offshore & Marine is a young, dynamic mass of strengths that helps ensure the safety of Singapore’s vital industries in marine engineering and the offshore oil & gas industries, among others.

As the name suggests, we are a torrent of solutions to all potential fire hazards and damages with our wide ranging expertise, enviable experience on the latest fire protection technologies and the critical support of our associate companies. With the best industry-recognized products and the most dedicated services in the region on offer, we are hot enough to make things cool for you.

Values For Value

We understand the hazards of fire and therefore appreciate the weight of protection. Typically in environments that call for a sturdy safety net, prevention is critical.  We take a serious view when conceptualizing the key system’s design that will best suit your requirement.

Gaining From Us

You can rely on us

We have more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in providing professional services in fire protection. We are experts in the region and we are driven by dedication.

You save precious time

We are experts in fire protection. We set out to complete every project expeditiously with precision. With our efficiency, our clients benefit from economizing their costs.

You enjoy convenience

Our in-house professionals design, fabricate and install your customized fire protection systems. We also carry a wide range of fire fighting products with international standards. We carry both house brand and global brands products including Bermad, Ansul and Skum. In short, we advise what is best for you!

Spotting The Significance

Our experience is the overarching reason for your trust in us.

Leveraging on more than 20 years of combined experience that Deluge Fire Protection has garnered through hard work and undivided devotion, we strive for peak performance in all aspects of our services.  You can place your trust in the Deluge brand, as you know our knowledge in fire protection is synonymous with reliability and efficiency.

Our niche is the critical factor for your decision.

Because we specialize foe the offshore & marine industries, we can fully appreciate the intricacy involved in these industries.  Hence, we know the best solutions to offer you and most effective approach to complete every project.  You can be sure that we make significant effort to keep abreast of the latest trends and technologies that will help you harness maximum benefit when you place the responsibility of protecting your vessel or platform in our hands.

Our customized designs are focussed on your safety needs.

Our expertise puts us at the forefront of customized designs for our clients in the face if rigorous requirements and harsh challenges. We have a plant to cater to the most arduous engineering and fabrication demands.

Our approach is a demonstration of our responsible industrial practice that meets your values.

As we tap the advantage of technology to create state-of-art systems for fire protection and suppression, we are typically mindful of any possible adverse outcome arising from our practice. Hence, we adopt an approach that demonstrates a high level of care and concern for health, safety and environment (HSE) issues. This is our way of fulfilling the corporate aims of our clients’ and ours, while being a conscientious industrial player, who is heedful of its moral responsibilities.

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